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We used to drag the raw .tiff file into geosoft map directly, but this seems no longer working with Geosoft 9.3. It's also not working by using the menu option 'Import ->Image (bmp,tiff,etc.)...'. Just wondering if that is due to the updates of newer Geosoft version or could anyone suggest a better way to import the raw .tiff to Geosoft without too much conversion steps involved? The current solution I'm using is to convert the .tiff to .asc or .xyz by running the conversion function from other source. Any comment would be appreciated.


  • geosoftdehispa
    You can try imported like a grid but changing the format.
  • BeckyBodger
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    Hi @weiwei, there have been a few issues with importing tiff files in recent versions. If it's a Geotiff you are trying to import, try instead to import it as a regular tiff file. Do you get an error message? Can you share it here?
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  • weiwei
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    hi @BeckyBodger, Thanks for the follow up. I didn't get an error message. When I was trying to import the Geotiff as a regular file and place it on the current map. I've notice the file always goes to the Base view branch instead of the Data view branch, under the Map Layers Tab.
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