Geosoft Webinar: Modernise the way you manage and visualise your drilling and sample data

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Modernize the way you manage and visualize your drilling and sample data: Software Solutions for Mining Exploration: MX Deposit and Target
Tuesday, June 12, 2018
10:00 AM - 11:00 AM AWST (GMT+8, Perth, WA, Australia)

In this webinar David Kerr, Minalytix Head of Product, and Darren Andrews, Geosoft Senior Technical Analyst will demonstrate key aspects of the drilling lifecycle using MX Deposit and Target.

MX Deposit provides a breakthrough solution that simplifies how drilling data is collected, managed, and shared. Target enables explorers to easily import drill hole projects from MX Deposit directly into the Geosoft environment, providing easy interaction between their drill hole database, geological interpretation, and 3D modelling software. Together, they provide all of the essential functionality required to model, interpret, and manage your drill hole data. MX Deposit is also integrated with Target for ArcGIS for geologists working in the Esri environment.

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We hope you can join us live. If you are unable to attend, register and you will receive the recording.


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