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I have trouble figuring out a better way to import my interested bathymetry grid file to Geosoft. I have three variables, latitude, longitude and bathymetry. For example, I now have latitude with a size 1322 by 1843, longitude with size 1322 by 1843, bathymetry with the same size 1322 by 1843. These variables are now loaded in MATLAB and this file doesn't have ready-to-use grid format for Geosoft. Could anyone suggest a way to load this grid file into Geosoft? Thanks!


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    I would suggest exporting it as a csv from matlab and then loading it into a gdb and generating a grid inside Geosoft. If you really want to generate a grid from Matlab you can look on the Mathworks FileExchange site and find various functions. There is one that reads Geosoft grids. Or there is this one https://uk.mathworks.com/matlabcentral/fileexchange/20880-surfer-grid-import-export that you can use to create a surfer grid that Geosoft should be able to read. You could also write a matlab script to generate a grid in the GXF format described here. http://www.geosoft.com/media/uploads/resources/technical-notes/gxfr3d9_1.pdf This is an ASCII format so in theory should be fairly straightforward to code.
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    Hi @weiwei , if your grid are regular, another simple option is to use the save(filename,variable,'-ascii') function in matlab to save your grid variable to an ascii file. You can then import the ascii grid into Oasis montaj. Go to Grid and Image > Utilities > Import ASCII grid.
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