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  • SimonCrosato1
    Hi Becky

    When will ArcGIS 10.6.x be supported? Cheers

  • BeckyBodger
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    Hi @SimonCrosato1, Support for ArcGIS 10.6 will be added to the next major release, version 9.4. I don't have a release date yet that I can share, but it shouldn't be too long a wait.
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  • GoviHines
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    Hi Becky,

    I heard that a version for ArcGIS Pro was in the works. Any idea when we can expect to see beta versions (if that is even a possibility)?

    Thanks in advance!

  • SaraDeschamps2
    Hi Govi,

    We are just getting ready to launch our first Add-in for ArcGIS Pro in a few weeks: Geosoft for ArcGIS Pro is a free add-in that allows you to import Geosoft rasters and view them naturally in ArcGIS Pro.

    As for the Geosoft Extensions for ArcGIS, in order to continue to support our customers who are currently using Target for ArcGIS, Geosoft has committed to building a new subsurface exploration extension for the ArcGIS Pro platform by the end of 2018. This will be a replacement for Target for ArcGIS, but it will also be very different in many ways: we plan on re-imagining many of the tools that were in Target for ArcGIS, and updating these to make better use of Esri formats and technology to create a more streamlined and simplified workflows.

    Throughout this process, we would like to work directly with our customers to ensure that we align our technical and workflow decisions with what they truly need. I'll reach out to you off-thread to discuss this further.

  • PaulStacey
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    just moved to a new machine and installed 10.6. GD - I hate the ESRI website when looking for download files and licensing support. Once I figure out how to move my license does TFA work at all in 10.6, or just not in an officially supported way?
  • SaraDeschamps2
    Hi Paul,

    Target for ArcGIS 9.3 does not officially support ArcMap 10.6, but as Becky said above, our next major release 9.4 (which should be out in just a few days) will support ArcMap 10.6.

    What does "officially supported" mean? Well, ArcMap 10.6 was released in January of 2018, while Target for ArcGIS was released in November of 2017. Since TfA 9.3 pre-dated ArcMap 10.6, there is no way that we could have tested TfA 9.3 on the ArcMap 10.6 version. In this case, we can't claim that it will work exactly as expected, so we say that it isn't officially supported. You are welcome to try it out of course, but if there are issues, the recommended solution will be to install TfA 9.4 with ArcMap 10.6 (or to remain at 10.5 with 9.3).

    Hope this helps!
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