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How set exact dip of the block(stratum) in GM-SYS Profile?


  • BeckyBodger
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    Hi @geosoftdehispa, do you mean how do you set the exact dip of a block that you have already digitized?
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  • Yes, you can help me.
  • BeckyBodger
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    You can manually move individual points to adjust the shape of your block, but there is no place to enter the exact dip of a block. This is defined by the horizons you digitize, or import from a database or file.
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  • As Becky indicated, there is no place to enter the exact dip of an interface. There are 2 approaches you can use. You can set the vertical exaggeration on the geologic section display to 1:1 in either of the axes dialogs and then "eyeball" the slope to get an approximation to the slope you want. If you need the exact slope, you can use the "Examine" tool to get the X & Z coordinates of the end point of the interface and use a trig function to calculate the slope angle and change the coordinates to create the desired slope.
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  • Ok, thank you.
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    Another option is to display the locations of known dips in the model as symbols, with dip-tails.

    Create an XYZ file that contains the X,Y,Z coordinates of your known dip locations, plus fields for symbol index, dip, and another field containing "susceptibility" to scale the dip-tails (just use "1"). Using different values for the symbol index allows you to use different symbols for each index.

    In my example file:
    • I included a field for ModelX (i.e. distance along the model profile), which is not required
    • All symbols use the same index "1"
    • All susceptibilities are "1"

    Import the file as symbols (Overlay > Symbols > Manage Symbol Files...) and they will display in the model as shown in the second image (which I've carefully scaled to VE=1.0). The convention is that dips are positive in the direction of increasing ModelX (to the right). Once you have the symbols, you can draw your block boundaries to be parallel to the dip-tails.

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