Downhole data not plotting

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I am running a project (in Target 9.3) that is linked to a SQL based master database via ODBC. The master database consists of historic downhole data and recent downhole data (i.e. assays, geology). My issue is that the recent downhole data plots but none of the historic data plots i.e. when plotting my project downhole data using sections, plan maps, 3D view etc the recent data plots, but for the historic collars only empty traces plot. There is nothing fundamentally different about historic and recent data - they are all part of the same database and have similar entries with data that is all in the same format. After importing data into the project I have noticed that the DH_East(x), DH_North(y) and DH_RL(z) cells in the in Geosoft .gdb tables are populated with downhole spatial data for the holes where data plots fine, but this is not the case for the holes where data does not plot - this seems to be where the issue lies. I have tried a wide variety of potential fixes to troubleshoot this issue, including the following:

- Refresh XYZ, Refresh extents after import
- Starting a new project
- Running new project with master database in xlsx format
- Running new project with master database in .csv format
- Verify that downhole data exists in channels I am trying to plot for problematic holes
- Verifying that the downhole survey data for problematic holes is valid
- Running a project off a much smaller database
- Ensuring problematic holes are actually selected to plot
- QAQC of all downhole data to ensure no errors (note that the SQL database is already rigorously validated)

None of the above has worked and I can think of no logical reason why some data plots and other data doesn't. As can be imagined this has now become very frustrating. Can anyone assist with info on how to solve this??
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