python_desktop_setup.gx not properly working

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I am on Anaconda3 Python 3.61 Oasis Montaj 9.3.1

I downloaded the python_desktop_setup.gx
However, when I run it, I get the prompt to enable that menu but the menu is not available in the menu manager.
I get no error or anything.

Any help?


  • IanMacLeod
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    The menu should be under "User Menus" in the menu tree as shown below. Please double-check this. I can't explain why it would not be there, but perhaps there is some kind of permissions problem with the Geosoft installation folders. You might try running Oasis montaj as administrator.

    If successful, this GX places a file named "Python.omn" in your C:\Program Files\Geosoft\Desktop Applications 9\user\omn folder (second image below)

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  • IanMacLeod
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    In case it helps, the setup GX code, and Python.omn file can be found here:

    You could also try placing the Python.omn file in your C:\Program Files\Geosoft\Desktop Applications 9\user\omn folder. The Manage Menus dialog shows the user menus from this folder.
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  • I tried that, however, it doesn't show up.
    I tried confirming the error on other mashines, same licence, no error, works just fine.
    So I guess I kinda broke something when I installed the "Potent" plugin way back when.
    I was trying to do this for making a tutorial(company) anyway, Python works just fine from when I installed it in 9.0

    So I guess issue kinda solved but I think in your Patchnotes a big and visible sign to update the geosoft python module after updating to 9.5 should be included, took me hours to see that it was necessary :)
  • If you have another menu (file) of the same name placed in the OM\omn directory, it will block the version in OM\user\omn from working.
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  • Hello - I am having the same problem here. Ran python_desktop_setup.gx, but no user menu is appearing. I am running OM 9.5.2. Any thoughts what might be going on?
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    Hi @SteveBedell, Did the GX run without error? If so, when you browse to c:\Program Files\Geosoft\Desktop Applications 9\user\omn, do you find the Python.omn file there?
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