Import/Export GPS data workflow

Members of the forum. I am interested to hear from people about their workflow for exporting vector and point data from OM/Target into a format suitable to load into a Garmin GPS for use in the field. There seem to be many possible ways, but most seem cumbersome and require conversion to geographic coordinates and the use of 3rd party software.
I think the exploration community would welcome a move by Geosoft to develop a simple 1 step process to export projected data in a format suitable to import into a Garmin GPS, which the majority of exploration types use in the field.

Thanks in advance
Doug Cook


  • BeckyBodger
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    Hi @DougCook have you sent this request to our support team? I'll make sure it gets logged or has been logged as an official enhancement request!
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  • DougCook
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    Thanks Becky. I did mention this some time ago and again recently with Ildiko who informs me that it is logged as an enhancement request. It would make life a lot easier if proposed surveys. drill programmes etc could be exported in a format suitable to import directly into a Garmin GPS.
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