please I am a Geosoft beginner
I will like to know first which type of elevation data is required for RTP processing, I am a little bit confused whether it is the flight elevation or terrain elevation relative to sea level
Besides, when we want to generate Werner solutions in pdepth operator I wish to know what do "elevetion channel and topography" really stand for.
I am sincerly confused with this
best regards


  • GerryConnard
    In the Werner dialog, "Elev Channel" is the measurement observation elevation relative to sea level. The "Topography" is the terrain elevation relative to sea level and is not a required input. If you click on the "?" in the upper right of any dialog, it will bring up help that explains the various dialog items.

    The basic RTP filter in MAGMAP does not ask for elevation data. What are you running that asks for this?
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  • GaudPouliquen
    Hi @QUENTINMARCANABAFOTZ , as @GerryConnard wrote, the RTP filter doesn't require the elevation as input. Are you referring to the IGRF model values calculation? In which case the elevation is the measurement elevation relative to MSL again.
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  • QuentinMarcANABAFOTZ
    Thank you for your assistance
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