How create data base to array channel to buil Airborne EM section/profile based on flight line.

I have inverted all frequencies to resistivity inversion. I wanna build Helicopter EM section/profile of each flight line. The problem is how can i convert Resistivity and depth to array channel?


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    Hi @MoisesSoares this depends on how your data is arranged. Is each depth a different channel, or does it change depth within a single channel?
    Depth, Data
    0, 345
    0, 354
    0, 246
    1, 623
    1, 456
    1, 345
    2, 234
    2, 324
    2, 345
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  • MoisesSoares
    Hi @BeckyBodger really appreciate the answer. I have done resistivity and conductiviy inversion in HEM.GX. In database i have X,Y DEM, depth and resistivity. Based on tutorial in youtube said that before create resistivity 2D profile on flight line need transform database in number (Resistivity and depth) to array channel (form in line). Than create section.

    I try to convert database to array channel. When i input only one frequency (i have six frequency consist of inphase and quadrature) it does not work. When i input all frequency in same time it works.

    This array channel that i have done with all frequency and all depth of each frequency in same time.

    I try to create section in section tool. Need array channel of depth and resistivity as figure above.

    Unfortunately, i do not get the result.

    So the result that i want is same the last figure (below)

    So i do not where is my mistake in data parameter input or some steps does not applicable. Please share your knowing about this case.

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