merging two aeromagnetic surveys in various directions

I have two aeromagnetic surveys for one area. The first survey is in EW direction and the second one is in NW direction. when merging them all in one map, still see boundaries between the two surveys. see the attached files.
I did mosaic them but still seeing the boundaries.


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    Hi @EssamAboud, If you have the GridKnit extension you may have better luck merging the two surveys. GridKnit does a better job than grid mosaic at dealing with the overlap edges, blending them together.

    If you don't have access to GridKnit, a simple solution might be to save both grids to a database and then merge the databases into one and create a new grid of both data sets at the same time.

    The tools you would need to do this are:
    1. Grid and Image > Utilities > Save grid to database.
    2. Database > Import > Geosoft Database merge.
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