Dynamic change dip and azimuth drill hole in the 3D window

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Can I change dynamically dip , length and azimuth drill hole in the 3D window targer arcgis ?

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    Hi @AlesgerMammedov unfortunately no. While the 3D viewer is open, everything else is locked in the program, so changing the dip and azimuth in the database while the 3D viewer is open is not even an option. You would have to
    1. Close the viewer
    2. Edit the database value
    3. Refresh XYZ (From the Target Drillhole toolbar select Data menu and click Refresh XYZ).

    In newer versions of Target for ArcGIS you could use the Section View tool to position a plane in the 3D viewer at a specific dip and azimuth in order to help visualize what that dip or azimuth is. You could then draw a new drillhole on that plane. So instead of editing an existing hole you would be adding a new one.

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    Thank you for your advice
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