Vulcan Block Model

I want convert block model of Vulcan block model. I did it to geosoft voxel, but coordinates is not right.

I check block model in the difference software, coordinates is right. But in the Target Geosoft is not right.

Can you write me whats happen


  • DarrenAndrews
    Hello @AlesgerMammedov I think that we would need to take a closer look at your Vulcan model in order to help you. Can you please send the following data/information to our support team (email: and we will help you there:

    1. The original Vulcan block model
    2. The coordinate system of the block model
    2. Screen captures that clearly show the coordinates of the model as seen in Vulcan.

    Thank you,

    Darren Andrews
    Darren Andrews
    Technical Team Manager
    Geosoft logo
  • AlesgerMammedov
    Good day. Thank you for your advice. I will send.
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