Display of Data and Scale of the data into Striplog


I have one from-to database of some parameter. The value ranges from 2.71 to 82.30.
I want to display it in scale range of 0-100.
I have given Min(Base) value 0 and Max(Clip) value 100.
But it is displaying 0 to 90 in the scale.
As well as I want it to adjust according to scale.
I have attached pictures for better information. Please guide for the same.


  • BeckyBodger
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    Hi @AtanuBanerjee, the scale bar is only going to be based on the data displayed. I don't think it's possible to display 0-100 if your max point is 82.3.

    You can probably do some manual editing. For example in your database add "100" as one of your readings for each hole you are creating a strip log for. Create the strip log. Then manually edit the "DhBarGraph_ChannelName" layer in the Map Manager (by double clicking on the name) and remove the 100 bar graph from the strip log itself. It should give you the scale bar you want. It's probably best to create a copy of your database, so you have one for display purposes, but you still have the original one as well with out any manual edits. Or else remember to go back and remove the extra reading you added from each line when you are done creating the strip logs.
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