Geosoft Customer Success Webinar - The Science Behind Euler Deconvolution

The Science Behind Euler Deconvolution – How it Affects UXO Depth and Weight Estimation
Wednesday, November 15, 2017
10:00 AM - 11:00 AM EST

Join us for Geosoft’s Customer Success webinar series. In this complimentary webinar you will learn best practices for using Euler Deconvolution as an interpretive technique for UXO detection with offshore marine magnetic survey data.

Dr. Alan Reid et al. (1990) expanded Thompson’s (1982) Euler technique to gridded magnetic data and coined the term “Euler Deconvolution”. Euler Deconvolution is a popular technique for magnetic interpretation, however, poor parameter choices and data quality can deliver incorrect or misleading results. Dr. Reid and Tim Archer from Reid Geophysics will join Geosoft’s Nigel Halsall to discuss the science behind Euler Deconvolution, sources of uncertainty and error, commonly asked questions, and best practices for interpreting Euler depths in offshore marine UXO surveys using Oasis montaj and UXO Marine.

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Lorraine Godwin
Global Business Director
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  • Excellent questions were asked by the audience during our live Customer Success webinar on Euler Deconvolution such as:

    A structural index of 3 represents ordnance. Can this be an accurate structural index if your sensor is close enough that the object does not mathematically or physically appear to be a sphere?

    When you merge two close targets the depth and mass analysis is then based on a low between two peaks rather than the highest amplitude of the anomaly. How do you recommend dealing with this?

    The answers to these questions and Dr. Alan Reid, Tim Archer and Nigel Halsall's recommendations on best prastises for using Euler Deconvolution for magnetic interpretation are available in the recording of the live event: WATCH

    We encourage you to post any additional questions you have on Euler Deconvolution in the Geonet Forum.
    Lorraine Godwin
    Global Business Director
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