Drift correction of gravity readings: What corrections are applied?

During drift correction of gravity readings, what corrections are directly applied? I assume drift, but is tidal and instrument height correction also applied? Or do I need to do that manually?



  • AbdelmoneamRaef
    It appears that _Gscale column has the instrument scale factor and tidal correction applied, but the Gravity column has only the drift correction applied. Then when the values are brought into a master database, the Gravity column is copied over without the tidal correction and scale factor applied. I guess I need to apply the instrument height correction, tidal correction, and scale factor manually, but I am not sure why there is a disconnection between _Gscale and Gravity. It seems that this is an issue, that shouldn't be an issue. Is anyone else having the same problem or is this an issue unique to my case?
  • PhilipSuttak
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    Hello @AbdelmoneamRaef

    When you use the Drift Correction tool in Oasis montaj several corrections are applied. They are:

    1. Instrument Scale Factor
    2. Tide Correction
    3. Instrument Height
    4. Drift Correction
    5. Absolute Gravity

    If you would like to learn more about these corrections applied you can read our help file on the tool at the link below:




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