Working in 3D Viewer, how to save, close and reopen...?

Hello all,

I am using Target for ArcGIS. I believe I have several competing misunderstandings here...

In a 3D Drillhole Plot if I can save changes in the 3D Manager then presumably I can reopen them again at a later time. However, I cannot find any way to save to file/reload a 3D manager's contents (is there a name for this?).

Is the 3D Manager a corollary to the ArcGIS Table of Contents? Or are my individual databases (Drillholes, Wireframes, Interpretations, Voxels, etc) meant to be reloaded each and every time I close the program? That seems cumbersome and contrary to smooth workflow.

Of note, I cannot save my project (.mxd) when I have made static (as an Arc dataframe) my 3D drillhole plot - hence the above statement. I'm not sure this is normal or not.

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    Hi @BryanSparrow, There are three 3D Viewer buttons on the Target Drillhole toolbar. The first opens a new 3D viewer with your drillholes and data displayed, the second opens a new and empty 3D viewer, and the third button opens an existing 3D viewer.

    In the image below for example I have two 3D views saved to my map layout. When you exit the 3D viewer, the last thing you looked at is saved as an image. If you select the image you want to reopen then click the third 3D viewer button, it reopens the 3D viewer exactly the way it was when you closed it.

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