Datamine to geosoft voxel problems

Problem: Oasis crashes during import of 6GB Datamine file, when attempting to convert it to Geosoft voxel models. Tried this on OM 6.4, then on 8.4 with pretty much similar results. Is it due to RAM issue (I checked OM instances are only using about 160 Mb out of my 16GB RAM). Have anyone encountered similar issues before? I successfully converted a similar DM file earlier (sized about 0.8 GB).


  • VladKaminski
    If this is an issue with resources, Is there any way to allocate additional resources to Geosoft instances?
  • BeckyBodger
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    Hi @VladKaminski, I checked with a developer and there's no way to allocate additional resources. The problem you are experiencing could be a resource issue, but it's hard to be sure. It could also be data specific. As of version 9.0 Oasis montaj is a 64-bit program, so you may have better luck, but I can't really say with any certainty.
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