outcrop lithology grid

I have a grid of surface (i.e., outcrop) rock samples that I have classified by lithology types (e.g., granite, granodiorite, etc)

How can I plot a map showing the distribution on surface of the diffetent types of lithologies, differentiated by color and symbol?

Is it possible to create a grid with the lithology types, in a similar way than when a grid of a numeric value is created?


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    Hello @NelsonCamposAlvarez. You can certainly create a grid of lithology types. In order to do so, you would need to assign a numerical "index" value for each type of lithology. If your rock sample data is already in a Geosoft database, then simply create a new channel in that database that contains a number that relates to each individual lithology, for example:

    Lithology ; Index Value
    Granite ; 1
    Basalt ; 2
    Granite ; 1
    Sandstone ; 3
    Gneiss ; 4
    Basalt ; 2

    Once you have created the index channel, you can then grid that particular channel using any of the Geosoft gridding algorithms.

    I hope this helps.

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