Strip labels overlapping issue

I have imported and displayed some parameters into strip log. Now what i want is to display 2 parameters close to each other. I have done that with strip positioning. Problem is the labels which are displayed on to top of trace are overlapping. Is there any solution to this?


  • This is the image to have better idea
  • BeckyBodger
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    Hi @AtanuBanerjee, I think the only work around is to manually adjust the label positions after the strip log is created. Are you displaying a lot of plot types on the same side of a hole trace? Is that what causes all the overlap, or are your channel names long? I can log a request to add some over plot protection for strip log labels.
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  • Hi @BeckyBodger,
    Yes i know manually adjustment is one option. But after final output of striplog and changing all the labels manually, if i want any change or to add any extra parameter, all the labels come closer as before. So all the work of manually adjustment gets wasted. Also what i do is to display two parameters on one trace side by side. This is causing proboem. There should be like plot labels on left or right side option as we can plot data. Or anything you suggest.
  • I have thought of some possibilities I'd like to share. If any of them is possible then it'd be of great help.
    1. Option of plotting labels on either desired side
    2. Offset the labels so that it doesn't overlap
    3. Yes overlap protection as you said but every label should be displayed rather than skipping one
    4. After manually adjustment, there should be option to save them like we save striplog data parameters
    5. Text alignment can be vertical so it won't overlap in case of long names, but this should be optional or have overlap protection.

    I'll post if any other comes to mind.

    Thank you.
  • BeckyBodger
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    I can log these requests for you. Another possibility, is that once you have adjusted your labels in one strip log, if you adjust the strip log to tweak some parameter, don't output it so that it overwrites the previous map. Change the Map Tag Name in the Page layout tab, so that the original strip log with the good labels still exists. Then you should be able to drag and drop the nice labels onto the new strip log with the overlapping labels. If you just tweaked the way the data is displayed and not the order of the strip log data, then the previous labels should match the new strip log and can be reused!
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  • Hi @BeckyBodger ,
    Thank you for your kind support. About the another way you suggested, would you please guide me how to do it? Yes this can be helpful if data order is not changed and I'd like to see once you guide me steps how to do. Thank you again.
  • BeckyBodger
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    See this article for Drag and Drop in general:

    Strip logs are not georeferenced maps, so it should be simple once you drop the "Labels" group into your new strip log to re-position the group of labels as a whole.
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  • This is of great help as of now. Thank you so much for your support.
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