Does the quiet mode in oasis montaj really makes the process faster for large files ?

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Recently I came across a statement:
When a script is executed, the oms program displays progress information on screen. If you want, you can suppress this feature, and improve the performance of your computer, reducing the time it takes to process large files. To enable quiet mode, type /Q after the
project name in the command line:
oms script.gws /Q MyDatabase=script_data.gdb
Does it really enhance the process speed? Prior to that question, I got confused with the mydatabase=script_data.gdb line. What is the use of command after /Q ? Please help.


  • StephenCheesman
    Hello Abhinav

    Any improvement in performance is likely to be undetectable, given the speed of today's graphics cards, but this is probably something you can more easily determine on your own simply by trying with and without the option applied.

    When running your own script, the full syntax of the command line call to oms.exe is:


    where anything in {} is optional. The first GX parameter needs the "Group" part of the parameter, but subsequent parameters just need the "Setting" part (assuming the Group part stays the same).

    The "MyDatabase=script_data.gdb" doesn't seem to be correct, perhaps it is an obsolete usage.

    Stephen Cheesman

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    Hi @AbhinavSharma is "mydatabase" a variable within your script?
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