AutoCAD .dxf importing in Oasis

Good day guys,

I´m having problems with the reading of .dxf formats in Oasis Montaj. I´m importing Isoresistivity maps with different values of AB/2, and the problem I´m encountering is that the colors in the grid plotted in AutoCAD don´t seem to appear when imported to Oasis. These autocad maps are from 1998 (I don´t know if that´s the problem) Here I will show you an example:
---- Oasis
---- Autocad

I´m not experienced in the use of these programs, I would really appreciate some help.

Thanks a lot for your time reading this :smile:


  • EdwardKomedissian
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    Hi Christian,

    For the most part colour fills in DXF files are not supported in Oasis montaj. Colour fills can be obtained if a polygon has 3 or 4 vertices but anything more and the fills do not get rendered.
  • ChristianWahanik
    Thanks for your reply Edward, it saved me a lot of time searching. I guess i will try to modify the CAD archives to get the best image possible of these old sev´s.
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