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While projecting LAS files into strip logs or sections, the strip labels are as per LAS files. Is there any option that while importing las file, annotations for strip labels can be allotted as desired?


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    Hi @AtanuBanerjee what do you mean "projecting LAS files into strip logs"? Do you import the LAS file into your drillhole project first?

    The drillhole ID and channel names for the data come right out of the LAS file, and you can't edit those during the import. You do have control over these names in the LAS file itself prior to import. LAS files are text files that can be edited with a text editor. If you run "find and replace" for the Drillhole ID in the LAS file you can replace it with the Hole ID you want to use. This would save you from editing the databases after import, since you would need to edit multiple databases, the collar and point or from-to database. From what I can tell, the Drillhole ID is listed in three places in the LAS file under Unique Well Identifier and Unique Well ID (in two places).

    Edit: If you have multiple LAS files using the same channel names, it's easiest to edit those in the database after import. So you only have to do it once.
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    HI, thanks for support.

    Yes I have imported LAS files into project. And also I have the idea to edit into LAS files itself.

    What I did after your reply is tried to edit the channel name into database and made it master so all the drillholes set themselves as it. So purpose is solved. Now the striplabels are as desired. Thank you for the hint.
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