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Scale can be allotted to Contact surfaces in 3d view. But this is not allowed for drillholes. Is there any way to allot same scale as contact surface to drillholes too? Currently one option I can find is change the depths in collar database but it is very inconvenient and time consuming. Kindly help regarding this.


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    Hi @AtanuBanerjee, To change the amount of relief you see for all layers in your 3D viewer I would set the Contact Surface (grid) scale back to 1, then change the Axis Scaling in 3D settings. If you set the Z-Axis scale to something other than 1, it will stretch all the layers in the Z direction so you can see smaller changes in elevation.
    In the newest version the steps are as follows:
    1. From the 3D Viewer click on Tools & Settings and select 3D Settings .
    2. Click the Rendering Tab and change the Z Axis value to something bigger than 1.
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