Not able to create a GXVOXE

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Hi I'm using GX Developer 8.4.1 I'm trying to read a voxel file using this code.

GXContextPtr ctx = GXContext::create(uuid, CONTEXT_VERSION); //OK
GXVOXPtr gx_voxPtr = GXVOX::create(ctx, fileName); //OK
GXVVPtr h_LocXVV = GXVV::create_ext(ctx, GS_DOUBLE, 0); //OK
GXVVPtr h_LocYVV = GXVV::create_ext(ctx, GS_DOUBLE, 0); //OK
GXVVPtr h_LocZVV = GXVV::create_ext(ctx, GS_DOUBLE, 0); //OK
gx_voxPtr->get_location_points(h_LocXVV, h_LocYVV, h_LocZVV);//OK
GXVOXEPtr gx_voxePtr = GXVOXE::create(ctx, gx_voxPtr); //Exception

When I try to create the GXVOXE I get this error message.
"GDBus.Error:geosoft.GX.Error: Unable to bind the "?Create_VOXE@@YAJPAUh_gxx@@PBJ@Z" wrapper function. The DLL may not be present or a license may be missing."

I have the GX Developer 8.4.1 installed.
Any reason why I'm getting this message?

Carlos Albuquerque


  • IanMacLeod
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    The GXVOXE class is only available to subscribed/licensed users. Are you signed-in as a subscribed user?
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  • If I'm not a subscribed/licenced user how do I read the data from a Voxel file?
  • IanMacLeod
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    Aside from paying for a subscription (which all of us at Geosoft would certainly welcome :) and encourage), there are many ways. Here are a some ideas to try:

    1. CVOX.Dump() to create grids of each voxel z layer, then read data from the grids.
    2. CVOX.ExportDB() to export to a database, then read data from the database.
    3. CVOX.ExportXML to create an XML and read the XML using your favorite XML parser.
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  • IanMacLeod
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    @CarlosAlbuquerque, This has been addressed for 9.3, to be released by mid-November.

    9.3 will provide unencumbered read/write to all Geosoft supported datasets and any other open third-party formats.
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