GX Developer, Anaconda / Python 3.6, Geosoft 8.5.1

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I'd appreciate any guidance how to run the GX API with or without Geosoft installed. I've tried running GX Dev 8.5.1 though the resources and example code with the install seem limited. Having installed GX Dev 9.2 there are dll issues which I haven't been able to resolve, perhaps because my Geosoft version isn't compatible.

A good start might be if anyone has any code they could pass on to read in a GDB using python.

I'll look forward to any help.

Jim Scarbrough


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    First I would like to confirm to you that GX Developer for 8.4 and 8.5 is indeed limited, particularly with respect to Python. These versions use a translation layer (dbus) that marshals 64-bit calls and data across the 64-32 bit barrier as both Oasis montaj 8.4 and 8.5 are 32-bit applications. There are obvious performance challenges to this approach.

    Our effort has really been focussed on getting Python ready for the Oasis montaj 9, which is 64-bit and works transparently with 64-bit Python 3.4, 3.5, and for Geosoft 9.2, Python 3.6 as well. GX Developer 9.1 and 9.2 include the geosoft.gxpy module which makes working with the main Geosoft data types much easier and more "pythonic".

    I suggest we first focus on getting GX Dev 9.2 running for you. @CaraSchiek posted a dll problem last week and I'm concerned that perhaps there is a bigger problem than we are aware of with conflicting DLLs. It is still early days for Python in GX Developer and we need to make sure there are not stoppers like this in other people's setups. What is the symptom of your dll conflict with 9.2? Perhaps answer the questions that I put to Cara (https://my.geosoft.com/forum#/discussion/1026/python-install-validation-v-9-2)?


    PS: Here is a Python extension that adds a constant to a channel in a database:
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  • Thanks Ian, I've just been side tracked with other issues this week but hope to get back to this by Monday. I'll let you know how I go.
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    Jim, I'm off for a few weeks, but I expect someone will be listing-in here and will be able to help.
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