Create an aerogeophysical map filtered from terrestrial geophysics data.

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Hello everything is fine? My research group would like to create a 2D map with some specific filters and we are lost where it is possible to execute this in Oasis Montaj.
Situation: we have gamma terrestrial geophysics data (K%, eU, eTh) and rock susceptibility. We also have gammaspectrometric and magnetometric aerogeophysical data.
Objective: is it possible to create a 2D aerogeophysical map by filtering data from the field data we have? For example: I know that my rocks have a K% range between 1.0 and 2.3% and I would like to filter the "locations" that have this same answer in the K% aerogeophysical data, that is, to kind of create a mask that only appears locations with this compatible data.


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    Hello Gabriel,

    I hope all is well and thank you for your interest in using Oasis montaj. You can generate such a map in Oasis montaj using database tools, Grid and image and Map tools functionalities. Creating a polygon file under map tools would allow you to specify an area of interest and then you can window your database using that polygon to mask your AOI, Then you can grid your data and display it on a 2D map, you can also add symbols with Colour Range and Proportional Size from your K% data. The attached map could be a good example for this task. To create such a map you would need Oasis montaj essentials.


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