SEEP/W - converting radial flow/discharge to an equivalent plane flow/discharge



I would like to model an abstraction and injection well using the SEEP 2D cross-section model. The wells in real life pump at 20m3/hr. However, when I specify a total water rate of 20 m3/hr in the model, I get a lot more drawdown and mounding compared to what I observe or model using a simple analytical equation. I see there is a way to convert radial flow to an equivalent 1D flow using the axisymmetric model. Can this or an alternative equation be used to do the same for a 1D cross-section model?

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  • TrevorKent
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    Hi James, it's hard to know exactly what the problem is without seeing your model. However, values such as the hydraulic conductivity, water content, and compressibility can have a significant effect in analyses such as these so I would double check those. In a 1D model, the water rate can be calculated using the graphing tools in GeoStudio. If you'd like the support team to look at your model you can email us at