Best way to limit the areas new data can modify implicant model boundaries.


I was wondering if anyone had a solution or work through to limit the area new data can change the implicant model.

When completing infill in say an Inferred area and you update the model and the hanging and footwall changes with the new data, this modification can often extend into the indicated part of the domain, often only very slightly, and not material. You then send the updated wireframe to the engineers, and they come back not happy that areas within the indicated which have already have designs have slightly different surfaces and are generally not happy having to update the designs.

This issue is more common using implicant models as prior to implicant models you would only update the strings in areas that needed updating in the low confident areas.

Would be amazing if there was a way to limit changes to wireframes either as a distance from the new data or based on particular areas. Only work through I currently have is to cookie cut out the Indicated area of the vein model, extract the vertices and then add on as snapped points, I am sure there is a better way to do it.